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Wave optics theory and 3-D deconvolution for the light field microscope.
Light field microscopy is a new technique for high-speed volumetric imaging of weakly scattering or fluorescent specimens. It employs an array of microlenses to trade off spatial resolution againstExpand
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Darkroom: compiling high-level image processing code into hardware pipelines
We present Darkroom, a language and compiler for image processing that compile programs directly into line-buffered pipelines, eliminating unnecessary communication with off-chip DRAM. Expand
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Enhancing the performance of the light field microscope using wavefront coding.
Light field microscopy has been proposed as a new high-speed volumetric computational imaging method that enables reconstruction of 3-D volumes from captured projections of the 4-D light field.Expand
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Identification of cellular-activity dynamics across large tissue volumes in the mammalian brain
Tracking the coordinated activity of cellular events through volumes of intact tissue is a major challenge in biology that has inspired significant technological innovation. Yet scanless measurementExpand
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A Color Balancing Algorithm for Cameras
Color constancy refers to the ability to recognize the true color of objects in a scene regardless of the illumination which is incident upon them. While the human visual system is color-constant toExpand
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The pro's and con's of gravitational lenses in CETI.
Gravitational lenses are an intriguing means of generating intense, achromatic gain for cosmic communication (Eshleman, 1979). Yet for their vast advantage in gain, they provide some severeExpand
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A Study of Operating Room Nurses and Anesthetists Ellis
A survey was undertaken to evaluate the possible relationship between spontaneous miscarriage and exposure to the operating room. The study was carried out by personal interview of 67 operating roomExpand
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On the swelling induced microstructural evolution of polymer networks in gels
Abstract A gel is formed when a polymer network is submerged in a solvent. The solvent molecules penetrate the network and cause the network to swell. In this paper we propose aExpand
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A microscopically motivated model for the remodeling of cardiomyocytes
We present a thermodynamically based model that captures the remodeling effects in cardiac muscle cells. This work begins with the formulation of the kinematics of a cardiomyocyte resulting from aExpand
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