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Systematic mapping of contact sites reveals tethers and a function for the peroxisome-mitochondria contact
The understanding that organelles are not floating in the cytosol, but rather held in an organized yet dynamic interplay through membrane contact sites, is altering the way we grasp cell biologicalExpand
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De Branges-Rovnyak Operator Models and Systems Theory: A Survey
We arrive at the de Branges-Rovnyak space D(W) from the point of view of model theory, i. e., as the space associated with a canonical model for a general completely nonunitary contraction operatorExpand
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Optimal reconstruction of images from localized phase
The importance of localized phase in signal representation is investigated. Expand
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Sensitivity minimization in an H ∞ norm: parametrization of all suboptimal solutions
A number of problems in the control of linear feedback systems can be reduced to the following: we are given three stable rational matrix functions K, ϕ, ψ of sizes p 1 x q 1, p 1 x q 2 and p 2 x q 1Expand
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Iron affects Ire1 clustering propensity and the amplitude of endoplasmic reticulum stress signaling
ABSTRACT The unfolded protein response (UPR) allows cells to adjust secretory pathway capacity according to need. Ire1, the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress sensor and central activator of the UPRExpand
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Current Practices for DNA Sample Collection and Storage in the Pharmaceutical Industry, and Potential Areas for Harmonization: Perspective of the I‐PWG
Collection and storage of DNA samples in clinical drug development programs are an important investment for the pharmaceutical industry to allow efficient evaluation of observed variability in drugExpand
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Optimal representation of images by localized phase
The POCS algorithm (projection onto convex sets) used for image reconstruction from spectral phase is investigated. Expand
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Convex invertible cones of state space systems
In the paper [CL1] the notion of a convex invertible cone,cic, of matrices was introduced and its geometry was studied. Expand
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Coding of DNA Samples and Data in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Current Practices and Future Directions—Perspective of the I‐PWG
DNA samples collected in clinical trials and stored for future research are valuable to pharmaceutical drug development. Given the perceived higher risk associated with genetic research, industry hasExpand
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Summed squared distance error reduction by simultaneous multiprojections and applications
A parallel projection scheme in which projections are performed simultaneously on all constraints at each iteration is presented. Expand
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