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Disability in low-income countries: Issues and implications
This article reports on a study conducted for the CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY by THE INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR DISABILITY AND REHABILITATION at the University of Toronto. We criticallyExpand
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A Full-Orbed Christianity: The Protestant Churches and Social Welfare in Canada, 1900-1940
Christie and Gauvreau look at the ways in which reformers expanded the churches' popular base through mass revivalism, established social work and sociology in Canadian universities and churchExpand
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Engendering The State: Family, Work, and Welfare in Canada
In the early part of this century the mother was the educator and moral centre of the Canadian household. Between the onset of the First World War and the development of the modern social securityExpand
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Christian Churches and Their Peoples, 1840-1965: A Social History of Religion in Canada
Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter One: The Religious Cultures of Discipline And Dissidence in Colonial Society Chapter Two: Machinery of Salvation: The Making of a Civic Christianity ChapterExpand
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Modalities of Social Authority: Suggesting an Interface for Religious and Social History
The dominant approaches in Canadian social history have focused, for the most part, upon categories of region, class formation, and women’s experience (more recently informed by theories of gender).Expand
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Sir William Logan’s Geological Empire and the ‘Humbug’ of Economic Utility
ON 10JULY 1867 SIR RODERICK MURCHISON dedicated the new edition of his Siluria to Sir William Logan, the director of the Canadian Geological Survey. He honoured Logan for his years of 'acute andExpand
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Women in the Formal and Informal Economies of Late Eighteenth-Century Quebec, 1763–1830
This article challenges the conventional interpretation of the transition from French to British rule in Quebec, which has emphasised the increasing marginalisation of women in the colonial economy.Expand
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A Kingdom on Earth: Anglo-American Social Christianity, 1880–1940 by Paul T. Phillips (review)
advance moral and religious goals' (443). If it is true that the advocates of secularization are positing some golden age of faith from which there has been decline, as Semple charges, then theExpand
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