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Distinguishing between two sympatric Acanthopagrus species from Dapeng Bay, Taiwan, using morphometric and genetic characters.
The results of morphometric, mtDNA and microsatellite analyses indicated the presence of two species, A. taiwanensis and A. berda, in Dapeng Bay, South-western Taiwan, with significant differentiation between species.
Comparative Studies of 5S rDNA Profiles and Cyt b Sequences in two Onychostoma Species (Cyprinidae)
FISH cytogenetic information and Cyt b gene analyses indicated that these two species have significantly different genetic characteristics; nevertheless, their morphological similarities may be due to environmental adaptation.
Cytogenetics of Two Onychostoma Species in Taiwan by Ag-NOR and 18S rDNA Profiles.
The results showed that the two Onychostoma species shared the same number of chromosomes, 2n = 50, and karyotypes of both species showed a pair of heteromorphic chromosomes in male fish, suggesting their sex determination should be the XX/XY system.