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Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment of Drinking Water Quality to Predict the Risk of Waterborne Diseases in Primary-School Children
Primary-school children in low- and middle-income countries are often deprived of microbiologically safe water and sanitation, often resulting in a high prevalence of gastrointestinal diseases andExpand
Heavy metals drinking water contamination and health risk assessment among primary school children of Pakistan.
The purpose of this study was to characterize the concentrations of lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), manganese (Mn), and Fe (Fe) in drinking water sources in primary schools in Sindh Province, Pakistan andExpand
Effects of Selected Pharmaceuticals on Freshwater Algal Biofilms in Different Organic Loads
The growth pattern of different algal biofilms investigated in the presence of Ibuprofen and Benzoyl Metronidazole in batch reactors at varying organic loads. Study suggests that the inhibition ofExpand
The aim of the study was to examine the level and risk of fluoride exposure from drinking water in primary school children in Sindh, Pakistan. Multistage cluster sampling was used to select 10 of theExpand
Amoxycillin trihydrate (Ibeamox) in the treatment of pyogenic meningitis-a preliminary report.
Amoxycillin a new broad spectrum antibiotic has been found to be effective against common gram positive and negative bacteria diagnosed in clinical practice. Moreover, it achieves higher blood levelsExpand
Investigation of Phytochemical Profile and Antibacterial Potential of Prosopis glandulosa
The present study describes the phytochemical screening and antibacterial study of chloroform, hexane, acetone and ethanol extract of Prosopis glandulosa leaves, flower, stem and seeds. TheExpand
Drinking Water Quality Mapping Using Water Quality Index and Geospatial Analysis in Primary Schools of Pakistan
Primary school children in the developing world often lack potable water, which may result in a high burden of water-related diseases and poor school performance. The present study aimed toExpand
Combined photocatalytic degradation of pollutants and inactivation of waterborne pathogens using solar light active α/β-Bi2O3
Abstract A solar light active composite of α/β-Bi2O3 was synthesized using a chemical-free solid-state reduction method. The obtained composite was characterized by X-ray diffraction, UV–visExpand
Estimation of Hepatitis A Virus Infection Prevalence Through Drinking Water Supply of Primary Schools of Sindh, Pakistan
Background: Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) is among the main endemic human enteric viral diseases that directly or indirectly affect children’s performance at primary schools in low-income countries.Expand