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Neoliberalising Nature: The Logics of Deregulation and Reregulation
This and a companion paper examine a new and fast-growing geographical research literature about neoliberal approaches to governing human interactions with the physical environment. This literature,
A Dictionary of Human Geography
A Dictionary of Human Geography is a brand new addition to Oxford's Paperback Reference Series, offering over 2,000 clear and concise entries on human geography terms. From basic terms and concepts
Commodifying what nature?
In this essay contemporary Marxist writings on the commodification of nature in capitalist societies are reviewed systematically. Recent research on commodities in human geography, cultural studies
Neoliberalising Nature: Processes, Effects, and Evaluations
This and a previous paper review systematically a new and fast-growing geographical research literature about ‘neoliberalising nature’. This literature, authored by critical geographers for the most
False Antitheses? Marxism, Nature and Actor‐Networks
This paper stages an encounter between two critical approaches that have been central to the recent ?greening? of left geography. The theoretical and normative claims of the first approach,
Socializing nature: theory, practice, and politics
]” he sought tocreate a distinctive place for it within the academic division of labor. As weenter the twenty-first century, geography remains one of the few subjectsdedicated to exploring the
Differential geographies: place, indigenous rights and 'local' resources
Abstract Over the last decade a number of human geographers have advocated relational perspectives on place. These perspectives are currently influential within and beyond geography. In this essay
Neoliberalism and the Biophysical Environment: A Synthesis and Evaluation of the Research
This article both synthesizes and critically evaluates a now large, multi-disciplinary body of published research that examines the neoliberalization of environmental regulation, management, and
Labour Geography: A Work in Progress
This short essay takes stock of where the field of 'labour geography' has got to and where it might productively go. The first part identifies labour geography's signature characteristics as they
International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment, and Technology
Representing the definitive reference work for this broad and dynamic field, The International Encyclopedia of Geography arises from an unprecedented collaboration between Wiley and the American