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Functional assessment of basal joint fusion of the thumb.
In the present study radiological and functional assessment of 24 cases of basal joint fusion for degenerative arthrosis of the carpo-metacarpal joint of the thumb is presented. Solid fusion occurredExpand
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Surgical treatment of clinodactyly caused by longitudinally bracketed diaphysis ("delta phalanx").
Clinodactyly in 10 fingers (9 patients) with longitudinally bracketed diaphysis (LBD) was treated surgically with various methods. In 4 cases with LBD in the middle phalanx of a triphalangeal thumbExpand
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A study of Bennett's fracture. Special reference to fixation by percutaneous pinning.
In the present study radiological evaluation of 45 cases of Bennett's fracture reveals that different types of fracture dislocations correlate with late and typical deformities of the metacarpalExpand
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[Longitudinally bracketed diaphysis].
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Osteoarthritis of the trapezio-scaphoid joint.
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Anomalous distal branching of the median nerve. Case reports.
An anomalous distribution of nerve supply to the hadn is fairly common. According to standard textbooks of anatomy the median nerve divides into 2 parts approximately at the distal border of theExpand
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Aseptic necrosis of the head of the fifth metacarpal.
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Kirner's deformity of the little finger. Case reports and proposed treatment.
  • N. Carstam, O. Eiken
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  • The Journal of bone and joint surgery. American…
  • 1 December 1970
A review of the literature reveals twenty-six reported cases of Kirner's deformity of the little finger. An additional two cases are reported and a method of surgical correction is presented.
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Osteochondritis dissecans and brachymesophalangia: a hereditary syndrome.
A kindred with an unusual congenital hand and foot anomaly is presented. It is an autosomal dominant hereditary disorder characterized by brachymesophalangia, slight clinodactyly, deformed metacarpalExpand
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The use of silastic sheet in hand surgery.
Silicone rubber (Silastic) has lately been widely used in experimental and clinical surgery. Even in reconstructive hand surgery, Silastic seems to be a valuable contribution that has come to stay.Expand
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