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Individualising justice: pre-sentence reports in the Irish criminal justice system
Pre-sentence or pre-sanction reports (PSRs) provide judges with information on the personal circumstances, background and attitude of a defendant, an assessment of risk of reoffending, and typicallyExpand
Modern Time: Temporality and the Realism of Romantic History
This article places the works of American Romantic history in the tradition of the nineteenth-century novel. The result is a reframing of a strand of historiography that, for all its great men andExpand
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A reflection on the use of self-assessments in Japanese universities
Japanese EFL Learners’ Experiences with Written Corrective Feedback
The debate regarding the efficacy of WCF (Written Corrective Feedback) spans two decades. Much of the research to date has utilized quantitative methods to investigate students’ written output, whichExpand
“They have their music and we have ours”: The Political Woody Guthrie
Abstract In the last decade, scholars of American history and culture have begun to examine the political project of Woody Guthrie, who has now taken up his long-predicted place in a nationalExpand
Collaboratively processing written corrective feedback through co-constructed texts
This thesis examined how adult English language learners experience the process of collaboratively processing feedback on jointly produced texts. The study found that participants learnt from theExpand
Symbol and Allegory in Romantic History
The “debate” (as it has come to be called) between symbol and allegory has had two lives. For the Romantics, who inaugurated the distinction in its modern form, the symbol was the hallowed device,Expand
Written Corrective Feedback: The need for collaboration and multidirectional interaction
Over the last two decades, there has been significant debate surrounding the potential benefits, or potential harm, generated from the provision of written corrective feedback (WCF) on the writing ofExpand