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Studies in Early Muslim Jurisprudence
The "Mudawwana" Sahnun the "Muwatta" of Malik early Hanafi texts the "Kitab al-Umm" of Shafi'i the "Mukhtasar" of Muzani the "Kitab al-Kharaj of Abu Josuf literary form and social context the originExpand
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Accommodation and revolution in Imami Shi'i Jurisprudence: Khumayni and the classical tradition
The elaboration of divine law has been for centuries a dominant mode of Islamic self-expression. The rendering of revelation into prescription, the perennial task of Muslim jurists, has produced aExpand
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History and nostalgia: Reflections on John Wansbrough's The Sectarian Milieu
In the fourth chapter of The Sectarian Milieu, John Wansbrough asks the question whether Islam gives expression to a concept of history as event or as process, the one implying a nostalgic, the otherExpand
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Case presentation: a novel way of treating acute cauliflower ear in a professional rugby player
Acute auricular haematoma is a common problem in rugby players and can be difficult to treat due to re-accumulation of the fluid and can subsequently cause the unsightly cauliflower ear. We present aExpand
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Al-Nawawī's Typology of Muftīs and its Significance for a General Theory of Islamic Law
This essay offers, in Section 2, a translation of al-Nawawī's presentation of the hierarchy of Muftīs. The context of the passage and its terminology and arguments are explored in the other SectionsExpand
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Zakāt in Imāmi Shī'ī jurisprudence, from the tenth to the sixteenth century A.D.
Māwardī said of zakāt that it was paid ṭahratan li-ahlihā ma'ūnatan li-ahl al-sahman , as a purification for the donor and a support for the recipient. It has thus a dual aspect. As a social tax itExpand
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The ‘Uqūd rasm al-muftī of Ibn ‘Ābidīn
  • N. Calder
  • Philosophy, Sociology
  • Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African…
  • 1 January 2000
John Dryden's ‘Religio laid’, a defence in rhyming couplets of English Protestantism, is not an obvious point of departure for this study of a Muslim poem about juristic authority. There is valueExpand
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Islamic Jurisprudence in the Classical Era: Index
Kitaba Robert Gleave tarafından bir giriş ve sonsöz yazılmıştır. Robert Gleave, yirmi bir sayfadan oluşan giriş yazısında öncelikle kitabın telif süreci hakkında bilgi verir. Buna göre kitap, gençExpand
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