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Mice with a targeted disruption of the Fanconi anemia homolog Fanca.
Fanconi anemia (FA) is a hereditary chromosomal instability syndrome with cancer predisposition. Bone marrow failure resulting in pancytopenia is the main cause of death of FA patients. Diagnosis ofExpand
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Deletion mapping in neuroblastoma cell lines suggests two distinct tumor suppressor genes in the 1p35-36 region, only one of which is associated with N-myc amplification.
Neuroblastoma is characterized by deletions of the short arm of chromosome 1 (1p) and amplification of the N-myc oncogene. We have made somatic cell hybrids of two human neuroblastoma cell lines, oneExpand
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A human modifier of methylation for class I HLA genes (MEMO-1) maps to chromosomal bands 1p35-36.1.
Class I HLA genes are expressed in almost all tissues, but expression is low or undetectable in many neuroblastomas. We analysed class I HLA methylation in normal tissues and in 28 neuroectodermalExpand
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Testing Adjunct and Conjunct Island Constraints in Chinese
A growing number of syntacticians are supplementing their own intuitions with formal experiments, collecting and analyzing acceptability judgments from theoretically naïve native speakers. This paperExpand
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Gapless Relative Clauses as Clausal Licensors of Relational Nouns *
This paper presents a novel analysis of so-called gapless relative clause constructions such as Mandarin xiangpi ranshao de weidao (literally, ‘the smell that rubber burns’). Such constructions haveExpand
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The Acquisition of the Default Classifier in Taiwanese *
For many years, especially since the publication of Rumelhart and McClelland's (1986) connectionist model of English past tense acquisition, a debate has raged over the reality of an innateExpand
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On the Configuration Issue of Coordination
This paper analyzes the structure of coordinate complexes. New crosslinguistic arguments are presented in this paper to support four claims. First, coordinate complexes have a binary-branchingExpand
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1p36: every subband a suppressor?
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ras oncogene activation in human ovarian carcinoma.
Samples of 37 fresh human ovarian tumor biopsies were screened to detect proto-oncogene amplification and ras mutations. Three samples showed c-K-ras2 amplification; none of the other oncogenesExpand
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Lack of class I HLA expression in neuroblastoma is associated with high N-myc expression and hypomethylation due to loss of the MEMO-1 locus.
Class I HLA expression is low in neuroblastoma tumours and cell lines. We have recently mapped a modifier of methylation for HLA-C (MEMO-1) to chromosomal bands 1p35-36.1, a region deleted in manyExpand
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