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Modeling genomic data with type attributes, balancing stability and maintainability
We have developed a flexible computer model for the molecular biology domain that supports both changeability and interoperability. Expand
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A sensitive method for determination of cholesterol growth using model solutions of supersaturated bile.
We describe a novel, facile, and highly reproducible spectrophotometric technique to measure a cholesterol crystal growth curve. This method permits a quantitative estimate of the potency orExpand
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The major metabolites of ursodeoxycholic acid in human urine are conjugated with N‐acetylglucosamine
Ursodeoxycholic acid (750 mg/day) was administered orally to ten healthy subjects over a period of 10 days; 24 hr urine samples were collected the day before and on the last day of the study. UrinaryExpand
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Long-Term Survival After Diagnosis of Hepatic Metastatic VIPoma (Report of Two Cases with Disparate Courses and Review of Therapeutic Options)
This report describes two patients withpancreatic cholera caused by vasoactive intestinalpolypeptide (VIP)-producing tumors, which originated inthe pancreas and showed metastases in both hepaticExpand
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Inhibition and promotion of cholesterol crystallization by protein fractions from normal human gallbladder bile.
Pooled, normal human gallbladder biles were initially separated on a molecular sieving chromatography column to remove soluble mucin glycoproteins as well as high molecular weight proteins (greaterExpand
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Hepatic extraction of organic anions in the rat depends on ligand hydrophobicity
Non‐bile‐salt cholephilic organic anions are efficiently taken up by the liver. Recent work from our group has suggested the possible importance of relative hydrophobicity among various organicExpand
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Nucleation and growth of cholesterol crystals. Kinetic determinants in supersaturated native bile.
Among the factors affecting the stability of supersaturated bile that culminates in the nucleation and growth of cholesterol crystals are biliary lipids. The abundance and composition of these lipidsExpand
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Study of human isoursodeoxycholic acid metabolism.
BACKGROUND/AIMS The aim of this study was to examine the metabolism of isoursodeoxycholic acid (isoUDCA) in humans. METHODS IsoUDCA was synthesized of >99% purity and administered orally for 1Expand
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Crystal growth-inhibiting proteins in bile.
The idea that biliary proteins somehow inhibit nucleation/crystal growth of cholesterol crystals in supersaturated human biles is not new, and some supportive, albeit preliminary, evidence hasExpand
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HISTORY AND CLINICAL FINDINGS: 24 days after the onset of infectious mononucleosis, clinically and serologically confirmed, an otherwise healthy 18-year-old schoolboy developed a fulminantExpand
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