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Conjugacy classes in linear groups
Abstract Let G belong to one of the three families of complex classical linear groups or to one of the seven families of corresponding real forms. Let L denote its Lie algebra. We give a simple andExpand
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Normal forms for real linear Hamiltonian systems with purely imaginary eigenvalues
This note gives a concise algorithm for computing a normal form for a real linear Hamiltonian differential equatin which has purely imaginary eigenvalues. This algorithm is then applied to theExpand
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Some computations involving simple Lie algebras
This article is a report of some computations that were done recently with the hope of understanding an apparently simple, though as yet unanswered, question in linear algebra. Expand
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The Schur multipliers of the Mathieu groups
The Mathieu groups are the finite simple groups M 11 , M 12 , M 22 , M 23 , M 24 given originally as permutation groups on respectively 11, 12, 22, 23, 24 symbols. Their definition can best be foundExpand
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Finite groups with Chevalley-type components
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On the connection of spin with statistics
SummaryThe relation between spin and statistics is proved using only the most general assumptions.RiassuntoUsufruendo solo delle ipotesi più generali si dimostra la relazione tra spin e statistica.
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The decomposition of a linear mapping
Abstract We give a practical algorithm for obtaining the unique decomposition of a linear mapping into a sum of commuting semisimple and nilpotent mappings.
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