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Terrestrial Ecoregions of the World: A New Map of Life on Earth
T tapestry of life on Earth is unraveling as humans increasingly dominate and transform natural ecosystems. Scarce resources and dwindling time force conservationists to target their actions to stemExpand
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Monitoring Matters: Examining the Potential of Locally-based Approaches
Monitoring of biodiversity and resource use by professional scientists is often costly and hard to sustain, especially in developing countries, where financial resources are limited. Moreover, suchExpand
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The partitioning of Africa: Statistically defined biogeographical regions in sub-Saharan Africa
Aim  To test whether it is possible to establish a common biogeographical regionalization for plants and vertebrates in sub-Saharan Africa (the Afrotropical Region), using objective multivariateExpand
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Protected Planet Report 2014
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Biofuel plantations on forested lands: double jeopardy for biodiversity and climate.
The growing demand for biofuels is promoting the expansion of a number of agricultural commodities, including oil palm (Elaeis guineensis). Oil-palm plantations cover over 13 million ha, primarily inExpand
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Local participation in natural resource monitoring: a characterization of approaches.
The monitoring of trends in the status of species or habitats is routine in developed countries, where it is funded by the state or large nongovernmental organizations and often involves largeExpand
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Coastal forests of eastern Africa: status, endemism patterns and their potential causes
Abstract Eastern African coastal forests are located within the Swahili regional centre of endemism and Swahili-Maputaland regional transition zone in eastern Africa, between 1° North and 25° South,Expand
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Financial Costs of Meeting Global Biodiversity Conservation Targets: Current Spending and Unmet Needs
Costs of Conservation In 2010, world governments agreed to a strategic plan for biodiversity conservation, including 20 targets to be met by 2020, through the Convention on Biological Diversity.Expand
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Coastal forests of eastern Africa
The eastern African coastal strip contains a tiny chain of patches of lowland tropical dry forest. They were previously considered to be of low conservation priority in terms of endemism and speciesExpand
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The Asian Tsunami: A Protective Role for Coastal Vegetation
The 26 December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami had major effects on coastal communities and ecosystems. An assessment of coastlines after the tsunami indicates that coastal vegetation such as mangrovesExpand
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