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Terrestrial Ecoregions of the World: A New Map of Life on Earth
This article has developed a detailed map of the terrestrial ecoregions of the world that is better suited to identify areas of outstanding biodiversity and representative communities and addresses the disparity in resolution between maps currently available for global conservation planning and the reality of the Earth’s intricate patterns of life.
Bird Census Techniques
Terrestrial Ecoregions of Africa and Madagascar: A Conservation Assessment
This is an assessment of biodiversity patterns, threats to biodiversity, and resulting conservation priorities across the African continent and its islands. Looking at biodiversity and threats in
Monitoring Matters: Examining the Potential of Locally-based Approaches
Monitoring of biodiversity and resource use by professional scientists is often costly and hard to sustain, especially in developing countries, where financial resources are limited. Moreover, such
Conservation conflicts across Africa.
It is found that human population density is positively correlated with species richness of birds, mammals, snakes, and amphibians and this association holds for widespread, narrowly endemic, and threatened species and looks set to persist in the face of foreseeable population growth.
The partitioning of Africa: statistically defined biogeographical regions in sub‐Saharan Africa
Aim  To test whether it is possible to establish a common biogeographical regionalization for plants and vertebrates in sub‐Saharan Africa (the Afrotropical Region), using objective multivariate
Protected Planet Report 2014: Tracking progress towards global targets for protected areas
El Informe Planeta Protegido es una nueva iniciativa que sigue el progreso global hacia la Meta 11 de la Convencion sobre los objetivos ( CDB ) de Aichi de Diversidad Biologica . El logro de este
An Ecoregion-Based Approach to Protecting Half the Terrestrial Realm
A Global Deal for Nature is proposed—a companion to the Paris Climate Deal—to promote increased habitat protection and restoration, national- and ecoregion-scale conservation strategies, and the empowerment of indigenous peoples to protect their sovereign lands.