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The presentation of the chloride threshold level for corrosion of steel in concrete
It has been argued that presenting the chloride threshold level as a free chloride content or chloride to hydroxyl concentration ratio in the pore solution of concrete is an improvement over the moreExpand
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The influence of chloride binding on the chloride induced corrosion risk in reinforced concrete
Chloride binding by the cement in concrete may affect the rate of chloride ingress and chloride threshold level which in turn determine the time to chloride induced corrosion initiation. In thisExpand
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Influence of the interfacial transition zone and microcracking on the diffusivity, permeability and sorptivity of cement-based materials after drying
Available experimental investigations on the effect of the aggregate–paste ‘interfacial transition zone' (ITZ) on mass transport properties of cement-based materials appear to be ambiguous. WhileExpand
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Assessing the influence of ITZ on the steady-state chloride diffusivity of concrete using a numerical model
In this study, the influence of the aggregate-cement paste interfacial transition zone (ITZ) on the steady-state chloride diffusivity of mortars and concretes was examined using a semi-empirical,Expand
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Modelling the diffusivity of mortar and concrete using a three-dimensional mesostructure with several aggregate shapes
Abstract This paper presents a numerical investigation into the effect of ITZ and aggregate shape on the diffusivity of mortar and concrete using a three-dimensional model. Concrete is treated as aExpand
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Pore Segmentation of Cement-based Materials from Backscattered Electron Images
A technique to segment pores from a normal backscattered electron (BSE) image of cement-based materials is presented. The upper threshold grey level for porosity is determined from the inflectionExpand
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Structure and performance of cements, 2nd edition
  • N. Buenfeld
  • Materials Science, Engineering
  • 31 January 2003
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Effect of entrained air voids on the microstructure and mass transport properties of concrete
Abstract The effects of entrained air on microstructure and transport properties of concrete with up to 11.5% air at different w/c ratios, curing and conditioning regimes were investigated. It wasExpand
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Euclidean Distance Mapping for computing microstructural gradients at interfaces in composite materials
Abstract This paper presents an image analysis procedure using Euclidean Distance Mapping to compute microstructural gradients at interfaces in composite materials. This method is capable ofExpand
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Patch microstructure in cement-based materials: Fact or artefact?
The appearance of patch microstructure, i.e. broad dense and porous regions separated by sharp and distinct boundaries and occurring randomly in bulk and interfacial transition zones, has beenExpand
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