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Oryzomys Flavescens and O. Delticola Chromosomes (Rodentia, Cricetidae) from Uruguay and Argentina
SUMMARYChromosomes were analyzed in fifty-four specimens of Oryzomys flavescens collected in one locality of Argentina and several regions of Uruguay. Forty-nine of the specimens from Argentina andExpand
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Karyological studies on Uruguayan spiders I. banding pattern in chromosomes of Lycosa species (araneae-lycosidae)
C-, Gand Q-banding patterns of mitotic and meiotic chromosomes of Lycosa malitiosa Tullgren, Lycosa thorelli Keyserling and Lycosa sp. were studied. Small C-bands are localized in the centromericExpand
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Karyological studies on Uruguayan spiders II. Sex chromosomes in spiders of the genus Lycosa (Araneae-Lycosidae)
Different sex-determining mechanisms (♂: XO; X1X2O; X1X2X3O) were studied in species of the Lycosidae family, named for the purpose of description as follows: Lycosa sp.1 (malitiosa group), LycosaExpand
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Calomys Laucha Chromosome (Rodentia, Cricetidae) from Uruguay and Argentina
SUMMARYForty five specimens of Calomys laucha (Olfers, 1818) from Uruguay and Argentina localities, were analyzed. A diploid number 2n; = 64:NF = 68 was found. Heterochromatic blocks were located inExpand
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Non-relationship between nucleolus and sex chromosome system Xyp in Chelymorpha variabilis boheman (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
Nucleolar-organizer region, nucleolus and mode of association of the sex bivalent were analyzed in spermatecytes of Chelymorpha variabilis Boheman. This species (2n=10II+Xyp) shows the typical sexExpand
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Cytogenetics and karyosystematics of phyllotine rodents (Cricetidae, Sigmodontinae) I. Chromosome multiformity and gonosomal-autosomal translocation in Reithrodon
The chromosomes of 14 specimens of the genus Reithrodon from three different localities of Argentina and two localities of Uruguay were studied using G-and C-banding techniques. Specimens of UruguayExpand
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