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The Magnitude of Global Marine Species Diversity
The first register of the marine species of the world is compiled and it is estimated that between one-third and two-thirds of marine species may be undescribed, and previous estimates of there being well over one million marine species appear highly unlikely. Expand
Revision of the isopod crustacean genus Mothocya Costa, in Hope, 1851 (Cymothoidae: Flabellifera), parasitic on marine fishes
With one exception Mothocya species are all gill parasites found principally on atherinomorph fishes of the families Hemiramphidae, Belonidae, and Atherinidae. Expand
Cirolanidae (Crustacea: Isopoda) of Australia
An account is given of the cirolanid fauna of Australia. The total number of species recorded is 102, of which 51 are new. Two new species not yet recorded from Australian coastal waters are alsoExpand
The genera Catoessa, Elthusa, Enispa, Ichthyoxenus, Idusa, Livoneca and Norileca n.gen. (Isopoda, Cymothoidae), crustacean parasites of marine fishes, with descriptions of eastern Australian species
The genus Livoneca is found to belong to the Anilocrinae, and is most closely related to the Nerocila group of genera, and the morphology of the brood pouch, pleopods, pleon and cephalon are rediagnosed. Expand
Global diversity of fish parasitic isopod crustaceans of the family Cymothoidae
Graphical abstract
Australian Pleopodias Richardson, 1910, and Anilocra Leach, 1818 (Isopoda: Cymothoidae), crustacean parasites of marine fishes
As this present work and other recent publications have demonstrated, species richness within the Cymothoidae is far greater than previously suspected. Expand
Hysterothylacium, Iheringascaris and Maricostula new genus, nematodes (Ascaridoidea) from Australian pelagic marine fishes
Approval is established for those species that have lips with lateral flanges, deep postlabial grooves, interlabia, and elongate intestinal caecum, pyriform ventriculus, long sac-like ventricular appendix, an expanded filamentar excretory system and excretary pore near the nerve ring. Expand
New records of fish parasitic marine isopod crustaceans (Cymothoidae, subfamily Anilocrinae) from the Indo-West Pacific
Twenty-nine species from the genera Anilocra, Creniola, Nerocila, Pleopodias and Renocila are recorded or reported on, with remarks given for all species, and figures for those species that are poorly known. Expand