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Anode-supported intermediate temperature direct internal reforming solid oxide fuel cell. I: model-based steady-state performance
Abstract Mathematical modelling is an essential tool for the design of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). The present paper aims to report on the development of a dynamic anode-supported intermediateExpand
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Hydrogen and fuel cells: Towards a sustainable energy future
A major challenge--some would argue, the major challenge facing our planet today--relates to the problem of anthropogenic-driven climate change and its inextricable link to our global society'sExpand
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Anode-supported intermediate-temperature direct internal reforming solid oxide fuel cell. II. Model-based dynamic performance and control
Abstract In operation, solid oxide fuel cells ( SOFC s) can be subjected to frequent load changes due to variable power demand. Knowledge of their dynamic behaviour is thus important when looking forExpand
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Intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells.
High temperature solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), typified by developers such as Siemens Westinghouse and Rolls-Royce, operate in the temperature region of 850-1000 degrees C. For such systems, veryExpand
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Coupled thermal–electrochemical modelling of uneven heat generation in lithium-ion battery packs
Abstract In battery packs with cells in parallel, the inter-cell connection resistances can cause unequal loads due to non-uniform interconnect overpotentials and consequentially lead to non-uniformExpand
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Comparative analysis of battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell and hybrid vehicles in a future sustainable road transport system
This paper compares battery electric vehicles (BEV) to hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) and hydrogen fuel cell plug-in hybrid vehicles (FCHEV). Qualitative comparisons of technologies andExpand
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Growth kinetics of bubbles electrogenerated at microelectrodes
The growth kinetics of electrogenerated hydrogen, oxygen and chlorine gas bubbles formed at microelectrodes, were determined photographically and fitted by regression analysis to theExpand
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Solid oxide fuel cell micro combined heat and power system operating strategy: Options for provision of residential space and water heating
Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) based micro combined heat and power (micro-CHP) systems exhibit fundamentally different characteristics from other common micro-CHP technologies. Of particular relevanceExpand
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Assessing and comparing German and UK transition policies for electric mobility
Abstract This paper presents a novel policy assessment approach for sustainable transitions using insights from the multilevel perspective (MLP). An analysis of current German and UK policies forExpand
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Laboratory study of electro-coagulation-flotation for water treatment.
An electro-coagulation-flotation process has been developed for water treatment. This involved an electrolytic reactor with aluminium electrodes and a separation/flotation tank. The water to beExpand
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