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Remembering the French Resistance: Ethics and Poetics of the Epic
From its very inception to the present day the French Resistance has been represented and commemorated in the epic mode. While Laurent Douzou's book, La Résistance française: Une histoire périlleuse,Expand
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Band 3 Cape Town (E90K) causes severe hereditary spherocytosis in combination with band 3 Prague III
Hereditary spherocytosis (HS) is an inherited haemolytic anaemia, characterized by spheroidal, osmotically fragile red blood cells. This disorder exhibits heterogeneity in terms of both clinicalExpand
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Vichy: An Ever-Present Past
Inflamed by current events and sometimes inaccurate news reports, French scrutiny of the Vichy regime and its involvement with Nazi policies began to intensify in the 1980s. Recent disclosures aboutExpand
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Constructing Human Identity and Writing the Past in Minh Tran Huy's Voyageur malgré lui Hors sujet : identité humaine et écriture du passé dans Voyageur malgré lui de Minh Tran Huy
From the compelling story of her father growing up amid the horrors of the Vietnam war and finally escaping to become an engineer in France, Minh Tran Huy, in her novel Voyageur malgre lui (2014),Expand
De l'archive au récit, ou comment écrire le passé à l'imparfait du présent: le cas de l'Histoire des grands-parents que je n'ai pas eus d'Ivan Jablonka
A partir de l'ecriture savante et pourtant fort personnelle du passe entreprise par Ivan Jablonka, cet article met en relief les contours d'une historiographie qui, tout en s'inspirant des envoleesExpand
Timely Representations: Writing the Past in the First-Person Present Imperfect
The present article draws from Henry Rousso’s La Dernière Catastrophe (2012) and Ivan Jablonka’s L’Histoire est une littérature contemporaine (2014) to analyze a series of novels published recentlyExpand
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