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Direct Measurement of Backgrounds using Reactor-Off Data in Double Chooz
Double Chooz is unique among modern reactor-based neutrino experiments studying $\bar \nu_e$ disappearance in that data can be collected with all reactors off. In this paper, we present data fromExpand
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Directional fast neutron detection using a time projection chamber
Measurement of the three dimensional trajectory and specific ionization of recoil protons using a hydrogen gas time projection chamber provides directional information about incident fast neutrons.Expand
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Investigation of large LGB detectors for antineutrino detection
Abstract A detector material or configuration that can provide an unambiguous indication of neutron capture can substantially reduce random coincidence backgrounds in antineutrino detection andExpand
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Stacking of cold antiprotons
Abstract The stacking of cold antiprotons is currently the only way to accumulate the large numbers of the cold antiprotons that are needed for low energy experiments. Both the largest possibleExpand
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Aperture method to determine the density and geometry of antiparticle plasmas
The density and geometry ofnd e + plasmas in realistic trapping potentials are required if the rate of antihydrogen formation from them is to be understood. A new measurement technique determinesExpand
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Lithium-loaded liquid scintillator production for the PROSPECT experiment
This work reports the production and characterization of lithium-loaded liquid scintillator (LiLS) for the Precision Reactor Oscillation and Spectrum Experiment (PROSPECT) . Fifty-nine 90 literExpand
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Light Collection and Pulse-Shape Discrimination in Elongated Scintillator Cells for the PROSPECT Reactor Antineutrino Experiment
Author(s): Ashenfelter, J; Balantekin, B; Band, HR; Barclay, G; Bass, CD; Berish, D; Bowden, NS; Bowes, A; Brodsky, JP; Bryan, CD; Cherwinka, JJ; Chu, R; Classen, T; Commeford, K; Davee, D; Dean, D;Expand
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Neutron detection and identification using ZnS:Ag/6LiF in segmented antineutrino detectors.
Abstract Antineutrino detection using inverse beta-decay conversion has demonstrated capability to measure nuclear reactor power and fissile material content for nuclear safeguards. Current effortsExpand
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Directional Neutron Detection Using a Time Projection Chamber
Time projection chambers offer unique capabilities for detection of fast neutrons from special nuclear material. We have demonstrated a directional detector for fast neutrons based on aExpand
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