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Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic retrograde cholangiography after liver transplantation.
Endoscopic retrograde cholangiography is a useful diagnostic and therapeutic intervention for post-transplantation biliary tract complications and responded uniformly and rapidly to drainage. Expand
Long-term terlipressin administration improves renal function in cirrhotic patients with type 1 hepatorenal syndrome: a pilot study.
Long-term terlipressin administration is safe and effective to control type 1 HRS, however, it does not cure the underlying disease and therefore, may only be considered as a bridge to a definitive treatment as liver transplantation. Expand
Treatment of acute hepatitis C with interferon α‐2b: early initiation of treatment is the most effective predictive factor of sustained viral response
Aim : To evaluate the efficacy of early interferon α‐2b in non‐post‐transfusion acute hepatitis C virus: a prospective study with historical comparison.
Use of cell image analysis in the detection of cancer from specimens obtained during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography.
Cell-image analysis of specimens obtained during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography is a useful clinical tool in the detection of malignant lesions of the pancreas and biliary epithelia and permits distinction of normal and inflammatory from malignant epithelium with 95% sensitivity and 100% specificity. Expand
Ageing and the liver.
The essential actual knowledge about age related modifications of this organ is reviewed and it is shown that age is of importance at the time of HCV infection: fibrosis progression is faster when the virus is acquired after 40 years. Expand
‘Active chronic visceral leishmaniasis’ in HIV‐1‐infected patients demonstrated by biological and clinical long‐term follow‐up of 10 patients
The aim of the study was to describe a new evolutionary form of visceral leishmaniasis observed in immunocompromised patients.
Strong Correlation between Liver and Serum Levels of Hepatitis C Virus Core Antigen and RNA in Chronically Infected Patients
The data showed a strong correlation between liver and serum compartments of HCV Ag levels and HCV RNA levels, which reflect the intrahepatic values. Expand
New considerations for an overall approach to treat hepatocellular carcinoma in cirrhotic patients
Increasing numbers of cases and organ shortage justify reconsidering the global therapeutic approach for hepatocelluar carcinoma in cirrhotic patients.
Endoscopic treatment of esophagogastric varices.
As factors related to the severity of hemorrhage and of liver failure degree which can predict early failure of sclerotherapy are identified, patients presenting with these findings should be referred quickly toward alternative therapies among which non-surgical intrahepatic shunt appears a promising modality. Expand