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Lie groups and Lie algebras
From the reviews of the French edition "This is a rich and useful volume. The material it treats has relevance well beyond the theory of Lie groups and algebras, ranging from the geometry of regularExpand
Elements of mathematics
Commutative Algebra: Chapters 1-7
General Topology: Chapters 1–4
Topological Vector Spaces
The general theory of topological vector spaces was founded during the period which goes from 1920 to 1930 approximately. But it had been prepared for a long time before by the study of numerousExpand
Algebra I: Chapters 1-3
Topological Vector Spaces: Chapters 1–5
Theory of sets
The theory of sets is a theory which contains the relational signs =, ∈ and the substantific sign ⊃ (all these signs being of weight 2); in addition to the schemes S1 to S7 given in Chapter I, itExpand