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Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: Data Collection Design and Implementation 1998–2003
Abstract.The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor research program was designed as a comprehensive assessment of the role of entrepreneurship in national economic growth. The conceptual model reflected inExpand
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The Value of Human and Social Capital Investments for the Business Performance of Startups
We investigate the manifold posed question: “To what extent does investment in human and social capital, besides the effect of ‘talent’, enhance entrepreneurial performance?” We distinguish betweenExpand
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Success and Risk Factors in the Pre-Startup Phase
Why does one person actually succeed in starting a business, while a second person gives up? In order to answer this question, a sample of 517 nascent entrepreneurs (people in the process of settingExpand
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Designing a global standardized methodology for measuring social entrepreneurship activity: the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor social entrepreneurship study
Although there is a high level of practitioner, policymaker, and scholar interest in social entrepreneurship, most research is based on case studies and success stories of successful socialExpand
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Determinants of Successful Entrepreneurship
Ondernemerschap staat hoog in de belangstelling van wetenschappers en beleidsmakers. Bij het stimuleren van ondernemerschap is het van belang onderscheid te kunnen maken tussen degenen die na hetExpand
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The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) and Its Impact on Entrepreneurship Research
The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) is a project carried out by a research consortium dedicated to understanding the relationship between entrepreneurship and national economic development.Expand
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Understanding regional variation in entrepreneurial activity and entrepreneurial attitude in Europe
Differences in entrepreneurial activity and entrepreneurial attitude are substantial and persistent across nations and regions. However, studies on entrepreneurship that encompass regions andExpand
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The geography of new firm formation: Evidence from independent start-ups and new subsidiaries in the Netherlands
This paper investigates to what extent determinants of the rate of independent start-ups and the rate of new subsidiaries are different. Using a regional database for the Netherlands over the periodExpand
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Global Entrepreneurship Monitor : 2009 Global Report
This 11th report in the GEM series focuses on the impact of the recession on entrepreneurship and the extent to which entrepreneurship can help reverse a downward economic trend. Also included are:Expand
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Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2009 Executive Report.
The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) is the world’s leading research consortium dedicated to understanding the relationship between entrepreneurship and national economic development. ForExpand
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