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Reactions of Cl atoms with CH3I, C2H5I, 1-C3H7I, 2-C3H7I and CF3I: kinetics and atmospheric relevance
The kinetics of the reactions were studied at T = 298 K using a fast-flow discharge system with resonance-fluorescence detection of Cl atoms. The rate coefficients were found to beExpand
Release of iodine in the atmospheric oxidation of alkyl iodides and the fates of iodinated alkoxy radicals
Abstract This paper describes a study of the products of the Cl-atom-initiated oxidation of three alkyl iodides, RI=CH 3 I, C 2 H 5 I, and 2-C 3 H 7 I, carried out in synthetic air at atmosphericExpand
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Plant and Machinery for the Separation of Air by Low Temperature MethodsDesign Atlas. By I. P. Usyukin, I. G. Aver'yanov, S. Gorokhov, A. M. Gorshkov, A. V. Zakharov, and N. K. Yelukhin. Edited by I.Expand
Pilot Plants in Pyrometallurgy
Pilot plants are built with the objectives of anticipating problems that are likely to occur on the commercial scale, obtaining design data and giving an idea of full scale operating costs. InExpand