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Causes and impacts of the 2014 warm anomaly in the NE Pacific
Strongly positive temperature anomalies developed in the NE Pacific Ocean during the boreal winter of 2013–2014. Based on a mixed layer temperature budget, these anomalies were caused by lower thanExpand
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On the temporal variability of the physical environment over the south-eastern Bering Sea
During 1997 and 1998, unusual physical conditions occurred in the Bering Sea: strong May storms and calm conditions in July; record high sea surface temperature; a shallow wind mixed layer; aExpand
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Climate change and control of the southeastern Bering Sea pelagic ecosystem
We propose a new hypothesis, the Oscillating Control Hypothesis (OCH), which predicts that pelagic ecosystem function in the southeastern Bering Sea will alternate between primarily bottom-up controlExpand
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Recent shifts in the state of the North Pacific
[1] The winters of 1999–2002 for the North Pacific were characterizedbyspatialpatternsinsealevelpressureanomaly (SLPA) and sea surface temperature anomaly (SSTA) with little resemblance to those ofExpand
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North Pacific regime shifts: Definitions, issues and recent transitions
Abstract The many recent publications on regimes and shifts highlight the importance of decadal variability in understanding climate and ecosystems and their connectivity. This paper explores severalExpand
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Meteorology and oceanography of the northern Gulf of Alaska
The Gulf of Alaska shelf is dominated by the Alaska Coastal current (ACC), which is forced by along-shore winds and large freshwater runoff. Strong cyclonic winds dominate from fall through spring,Expand
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Flatfish recruitment response to decadal climatic variability and ocean conditions in the eastern Bering Sea
Abstract This paper provides a retrospective analysis of the relationship of physical oceanography and biology and recruitment of three Eastern Bering Sea flatfish stocks: flathead soleExpand
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The Pacific decadal oscillation, air‐sea interaction and central north Pacific winter atmospheric regimes
Prominent and persistent anomalies in the atmospheric flow (troughs and ridges) occur sporadically over the central North Pacific, and can have profound consequences for the weather of North America.Expand
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Seabirds as indicators of marine ecosystems
A key requirement for implementing ecosystembased management is to obtain timely information on significant fluctuations in the ecosystem (Botsford et al. 1997). However, obtaining all necessaryExpand
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Shallow Meridional Circulation in the Tropical Eastern Pacific
Abstract Based on four independent datasets, this study presents observational evidence of a shallow meridional circulation cell in the eastern tropical Pacific. In this shallow meridionalExpand
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