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Water vapour solubility and conductivity study of the proton conductor BaCe(0.9―x)ZrxY0.1O(3―δ)
Abstract The perovskite BaCe(0.9 − x)ZrxY0.1O(3 − δ) has been prepared by solid state reaction at 1400 °C and conventional sintering at 1700 °C. Water uptake experiments performed between 400 and 600Expand
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Geometric Requirements of Solid Electrolyte Cells with a Reference Electrode
A range of solid electrolyte cell geometries has been evaluated in terms of their suitability for measurements of the working electrode polarization resistance in a three-electrode configuration. TheExpand
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Electrical conductivity studies in nylon 11
The results of electrical and dielectric studies in semicrystalline nylon 11 (degree of crystallinity 62%) by means of dielectric relaxation spectroscopy (DRS) in the frequency range 10−2–106 Hz atExpand
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Electrical Conductivity of 10 mol% Sc2O3–1 mol% M2O3–ZrO2 Ceramics
The oxide-ion conductivity behavior of 10 mol% Sc2O3–ZrO2 co-doped with 1 mol% trivalent metal oxide has been determined from 350°C to 700°C in air. All the powders were synthesized usingExpand
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Influence of potential on the friction and wear of mild steel in a model aqueous lubricant
An electrochemical cell has been designed, based on a Cameron-Plint friction machine, which enables measurement of friction and wear under conditions of controlled potential. For mild steel in a pH 9Expand
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Mechanical strength and electrical conductivity of Ni-YSZ cermets fabricated by viscous processing
A method for manufacturing of profiled Ni-YSZ anode support sheets by water-based viscous processing has been developed. Mechanical and electrical properties have been studied and were found toExpand
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Enhanced sintering and conductivity study of cobalt or nickel doped solid solution of barium cerate and zirconate
Abstract BaZr (0.9 −  x ) Ce x Y (0.1 −  y ) Co y O (3 −  δ ) (with x  = 0 and 0.2; y  = 0.01; 0.02; 0.05) and BaZr (0.9 −  x ) Ce x Y (0.1 −  y ) Ni y O (3 −  δ ) (with x  = 0 and 0.2; y  = 0.01;Expand
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Ionic conductivity of gadolinium-doped barium cerate perovskites
Abstract Gadolinium-doped barium cerate perovskites of formula BaCe 1-x Gd x O 3- x 2 have been prepared and studied by X-ray powder diffraction, impedance spectroscopy, concentration cell andExpand
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