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KamLAND: A Liquid scintillator anti-neutrino detector at the Kamioka site
We present the initial design of a very large kton liquid scintillator detector to be installed in the underground cavity where Kamiokande used to be The ex periment is optimized to detect low energyExpand
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Achromatic phase retarder by slanted illumination of a dielectric grating with period comparable with the wavelength.
We discuss some properties of dielectric gratings with period comparable with the illuminating wavelength for slanted illumination (this illumination geometry is often referred to as concicalExpand
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On polarization effects in fluorescence depletion microscopy
The dependence of fluorescence depletion on the relative polarizations of pump and erase beams is investigated for a sample of randomly oriented Rhodamine-6G molecules. The significance ofExpand
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Analysing collisions using Minkowski diagrams in momentum space
Momentum space and Minkowski diagrams are powerful tools for interpreting and analysing relativistic collisions in one or two spatial dimensions. All relevant quantities that characterize aExpand
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High-numerical-aperture focusing of radially polarized doughnut beams with a parabolic mirror and a flat diffractive lens.
Recently, Dorn et al. [Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 233901 (2003)] demonstrated the significance of radially polarized doughnut beams in obtaining very small focal spots (with an area of approximately 0.26Expand
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Investigation of the center intensity of first- and second-order Laguerre-Gaussian beams with linear and circular polarization.
The vectorial Debye integral shows that tightly focused Laguerre-Gaussian (LG) beams have a residual intensity at the focal point for linear polarization, for a topological charge of m=1 and 2. WeExpand
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Construction of super-resolution microscope based on cw laser light source
We constructed a super-resolution microscope system based on a cw laser light source. Electro-optical modulators convert the cw laser light into a light pulse with a width of 15ns and provide aExpand
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Beam shaping with diffuse light by use of a single reflection.
A technique for diffuse beam shaping is presented. The beam shaping is achieved by a single reflection on an element, which consists of many displaced parallel planar reflecting facets. TheExpand
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Vector Slepian basis functions with optimal energy concentration in high numerical aperture focusing
Abstract A series expansion method is proposed for high numerical aperture focusing problems. The angular spectrum of the focused field is expressed using orthogonal vector basis functions that areExpand
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Toward a spherical spot distribution with 4pi focusing of radially polarized light.
The properties of the focal spot for 4pi focusing with radially polarized light are presented for various apodization factors. With a focusing system satisfying the Herschel condition, sharp focalExpand
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