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Numerical analysis of the food web of an intertidal mudflat ecosystem on the Atlantic coast of France
Food web modelling is an ideal way to describe ecosystems, because it accounts for the totality of the relationships between its various components. One difficulty of such an approach, how- ever,Expand
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The ecological and genetic basis of convergent thick‐lipped phenotypes in cichlid fishes
The evolution of convergent phenotypes is one of the most interesting outcomes of replicate adaptive radiations. Remarkable cases of convergence involve the thick‐lipped phenotype found acrossExpand
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Expression and Sequence Evolution of Aromatase cyp19a1 and Other Sexual Development Genes in East African Cichlid Fishes
Sex determination mechanisms are highly variable across teleost fishes and sexual development is often plastic. Nevertheless, downstream factors establishing the two sexes are presumably conserved.Expand
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The evolution of cichlid fish egg-spots is linked with a cis-regulatory change
The origin of novel phenotypic characters is a key component in organismal diversification; yet, the mechanisms underlying the emergence of such evolutionary novelties are largely unknown. Here weExpand
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Comparative transcriptomics of anal fin pigmentation patterns in cichlid fishes
BackgroundUnderstanding the genetic basis of novel traits is a central topic in evolutionary biology. Two novel pigmentation phenotypes, egg-spots and blotches, emerged during the rapidExpand
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The diverse prey spectrum of the Tanganyikan scale-eater Perissodus microlepis (Boulenger, 1898)
Feeding upon the scales of other fish—lepidophagy—is a highly specialized foraging strategy in fish. Scale-eating is rare in teleosts, yet has evolved several times in East African cichlids, the mostExpand
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Post-fledging Dependence Period in the Eurasian Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) in Western France
Abstract The post-fledging dependence period (PDP) of 25 Eurasian Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) fledglings was studied in a coastal marsh in western France in 2002 and 2003. Body condition at fledgingExpand
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'In some rare and sacred dead time...., there is a miracle of silence" On Not Lifting the Veil in McGregor's and Cusk's Novels
The following paper will analyse how British writers McGregor and Cusk represent new forms of subjective crisis through disconnection, by laying the emphasis on that which constantly escapesExpand