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Characteristics of Physician–Cancer Patient Relationships in Russia
Each year, each year the authors meet more patients who have cancer or have been cured of it, and many of them, after returning to their activities after treatment, encounter numerous social, medical, and psychological problems.
Changes in the melting temperature, polydispersity and crystallinity of the components in a blend of high density polyethylene with polypropylene at deep ozone oxidation☆
Abstract The melting of oriented samples of a HDPE-PP blend oxidized with ozone was investigated by the DSC method. The obtained values of the melting temperatures of HDPE and PP crystallites, the
Screening of average-risk individuals for colorectal cancer. WHO Collaborating Centre for the Prevention of Colorectal Cancer.
The disease is of sufficient magnitude to deserve detection at an early stage with better prospects of patient survival, since screening tests with moderate sensitivity and high specificity are available, and mathematical modelling using current and new data can be used to determine the effectiveness of screening in conjunction with recommendations for primary prevention.
Malignant melanoma of the skin.
This compilation of prognostic factors in malignant melanoma of the skin is predominantly based on the updated comprehensive overview on prognosis published in 1992 by Balch et al., and an analysis of 54 multivariate studies of melanoma was published by Vollmer in 1989.
Oxidative destruction of polymers under stress
Abstract The effect of stresses on the reactivity of macromolecules in chemical reactions has been studied. This effect may be a promoting, inhibiting or neutral effect. Experimental results are
On the effect of stress on oxidative destruction of polymers. The action of ozone on polyolefines
Abstract A promoting effect of tensile stress has been revealed for the rate of oxidation of high- and low-density polyethylene and isotactic polypropylene films with ozone. The degree of oxidation
[The attitude of cancer patients to their own diagnosis].
A questionnaire was offered to 280 cancer patients to assess the degree of awareness of their disease as well as psychologic preparedness to face the true diagnosis.
Oxidative degradation of polymers under load. Ozone-oxygen action on oriented polyethylene
Abstract A study has been made of the influence of external loads on the rate of ozone oxidation of oriented high- and low-density polyethylene specimens, under regimes of constant stress and strain.
Oxidative destruction of polymers under mechanical load
Abstract An influence of tensile stress on the rate of oxidative destruction of polydienes and polyolefins under the action of ozone has been found; the influence of molecular and submolecular