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Characterization of circular RNAs landscape in multiple system atrophy brain
Five circRNAs, namely IQCK, MAP4K3, EFCAB11, DTNA, and MCTP1, were identified and validated as specifically over‐expressed in MSA frontal cortex and revealed their over‐expression in the white matter of the MSA cortical tissue.
The emerging role of circular RNAs in transcriptome regulation.
A comprehensive overview on the biology of circRNAs, including the expression patterns and function is provided, and current methodologies for the discovery and validation of circular transcripts are discussed.
RNA sequencing reveals pronounced changes in the noncoding transcriptome of aging synaptosomes
This study uncovers a new layer of transcriptional regulation which is targeted by aging within the local environment of interconnecting neuronal cells within aging mice.
Transcriptional regulation of long-term potentiation
Identification of all the proteins and non-coding RNA transcripts expressed during LTP may provide greater insight into the molecular mechanisms involved in learning and memory formation.
Early transcriptome changes in response to chemical long-term potentiation induced via activation of synaptic NMDA receptors in mouse hippocampal neurons.
It is suggested that the early stages of LTP are accompanied by the remodelling of the biosynthetic machinery, interactions with the extracellular matrix and intracellular signalling pathways at the transcriptional level.