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Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Some Peritrichs (Ciliophora: Peritrichida) from Tank Bromeliads, Including Two New Genera: Orborhabdostyla and Vorticellides.
Using standard methods, the morphology and 18S rDNA sequence of some peritrich ciliates from tank bromeliads of Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Ecuador are studied and Vorticella gracilis is neotypified with the Austrian population studied by Foissner (1979). Expand
Animal bones in Australian archaeology: A field guide to common native and introduced species
This document is an electronic copy of 'Animal bones in Australian archaeology: a field guide to common native and introduced species', published in 2015 by Sydney University Press. It has been madeExpand
Revised Radiocarbon Dates for Mwanihuki, Makira: a c. 3000 BP aceramic site in the Southeast Solomon Islands.
Excavation of three middens on Mwanihuki, located on the north coast of Makira in the southeast Solomon Islands has returned radiocarbon dates that show an initial occupation bracket between 3351 ±Expand
Late Prehistoric Burial Structures, and a burial possibly associated with 16th century Spanish contact at Pamua, Makira, Southeast Solomon Islands
This paper provides an overview of results from surveys and excavations of a series of coral and stone-lined structures at the abandoned village site of Mwanihuki (SB-4-6), located on the island ofExpand
Diet in Urban and Rural Nineteenth-Century New South Wales: The Evidence from the Faunal Remains
This paper explores the results of a comparative analysis of four cesspit assemblages from mid nineteenth-century urban and rural New South Wales, with an aim of promoting discussion of the possibleExpand