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Antitumor and antimetastatic activity of fucoidan, a sulfated polysaccharide isolated from the Okhotsk sea Fucus evanescens brown alga
Antitumor and antimetastatic activities of fucoidan, a sulfated polysaccharide isolated from Fucus evanescens (brown alga in Okhotsk sea), was studied in C57Bl/6 mice with transplanted Lewis lungExpand
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The prebiotic potential of polysaccharides and extracts of seaweeds
Based on our own and current literature data, we analyzed the prebiotic properties of polysaccharides and extracts of seaweeds. The role of prebiotics, particularly polysaccharides, in theExpand
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The Bacteriocinogenic Potential of Marine Microorganisms
One of the modern antibacterial strategies to control various infectious pathogens in agriculture, veterinary medicine, and the food industry is the use of bacteriocins, which are potentExpand
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Interactions between Sulfated Polysaccharides from Sea Brown Algae and Toll-Like Receptors on HEK293 Eukaryotic Cells In Vitro
We studied the interactions between sulfated polysaccharides, fucoidans from sea brown algae Laminaria japonica, Laminaria cichorioides, and Fucus evanescens, with human Tolllike receptors (TLR)Expand
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Molecular Characterization and Therapeutic Potential of a Marine Bacterium Pseudoalteromonas sp. KMM 701 α-Galactosidase
An α-galactosidase capable of converting B red blood cells into the universal blood type cells at the neutral pH was produced by a novel obligate marine bacterium strain KMM 701 (VKM B-2135 D). TheExpand
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Inhibition of thrombin and factor Xa by Fucus evanescens fucoidan and its modified analogs
Specimens of fucoidan extracted from Fucus evanescens were purified from protein and polyphenols, deacetylated and depolymerized by fucoidanase for evaluation of their biological activity.Expand
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Pharmacodynamic parameters of anticoagulants based on sulfated polysaccharides from marine algae
Fucoidans isolated from Fucus evanescens and Laminaria cichorioides kelp can inhibit thrombin and factor Xa of the blood coagulation system. In rats, intravenous injection of fucoidansExpand
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Metabolites of Seaweeds as Potential Agents for the Prevention and Therapy of Influenza Infection
Context: Seaweed metabolites (fucoidans, carrageenans, ulvans, lectins, and polyphenols) are biologically active compounds that target proteins or genes of the influenza virus and host componentsExpand
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Effect of Sulfated Polysaccharides from Brown Algae on Apoptosis of Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes
We studied the influence of fucoidans from brown algae Fucus evanescens, Laminaria cichorioides and Laminaria japonica on apoptosis of human peripheral blood lymphocytes. It was demonstrated thatExpand
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Marine Algae Polysaccharides as Basis for Wound Dressings, Drug Delivery, and Tissue Engineering: A Review
The present review considers the physicochemical and biological properties of polysaccharides (PS) from brown, red, and green algae (alginates, fucoidans, carrageenans, and ulvans) used in the latestExpand
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