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Super Poincare covariant quantization of the superstring
Inst. de Fis. Teorica Universidade Estadual Paulista, Rua Pamplona 145, 01405-900, Sao Paulo, SP
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Conformal Supergravity in Twistor-String Theory
Conformal supergravity arises in presently known formulations of twistor-string theory either via closed strings or via gauge-singlet open strings. Expand
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Pure spinor formalism as an N=2 topological string
Following suggestions of Nekrasov and Siegel, a non-minimal set of fields are added to the pure spinor formalism for the superstring. Twisted ĉ = 3 N = 2 generators are then constructed where theExpand
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Conformal Field Theory of AdS Background with Ramond-Ramond Flux
We review a formalism of superstring quantization with manifest six-dimensional spacetime supersymmetry, and apply it to AdS3 × S3 backgrounds with Ramond-Ramond flux. The resulting description is aExpand
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Fermionic T-Duality, Dual Superconformal Symmetry, and the Amplitude/Wilson Loop Connection
We show that tree level superstring theories on certain supersymmetric backgrounds admit a symmetry which we call ``fermionic T-duality''. This is a non-local redefinition of the fermionic worldsheetExpand
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Ten-dimensional supergravity constraints from the pure spinor formalism for the superstring
Abstract It has recently been shown that the ten-dimensional superstring can be quantized using the BRST operator Q =∮ λ α d α , where λ α is a pure spinor satisfying λγ m λ =0 and d α is theExpand
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Multiloop amplitudes and vanishing theorems using the pure spinor formalism for the superstring
A ten-dimensional super-Poincare covariant formalism for the superstring was recently developed which involves a BRST operator constructed from superspace matter variables and a pure spinor ghostExpand
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Super-Poincaré invariant superstring field theory
Abstract Using the topological techniques developed in an earlier paper with Vafa, a field theory action is constructed for any open string with critical N = 2 worldsheet superconformal invariance.Expand
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N = 4 topological strings
Abstract We show how to make a topological string theory starting from an N = 4 superconformal theory. The critical dimension for this theory is c = 2 (c = 6) . It is shown that superstrings (in bothExpand
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Multiloop superstring amplitudes from non-minimal pure spinor formalism
Using the non-minimal version of the pure spinor formalism, manifestly super-Poincare covariant superstring scattering amplitudes can be computed as in topological string theory without the need ofExpand
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