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Use of a four-parameter logistic model to evaluate the quality of the protein from three insect species when fed to rats.
The results of this study indicate that some insect proteins are equivalent or superior to soy protein as a source of amino acids for growing rats. Expand
The role of transamination in methionine oxidation in the rat.
Observations are consistent with transamination being an initial step in methionine catabolism and an alternate pathway for methamphetamineionine oxidation which does not involve its activation to S-adenosyl-L-methionine. Expand
The effect of methanethiol and methionine toxicity on the activities of cytochrome c oxidase and enzymes involved in protection from peroxidative damage.
The tissue changes characteristic of methionine toxicity may be caused by methanethiol (CH3SH) inhibition of enzymes involved in protection from peroxidative damage, and the inhibition of catalase activity does not appear to be the cause of the membrane damage observed in methionines toxicity. Expand
Feeding diets containing high levels of milk products or cellulose decrease urease activity and ammonia production in rat intestine.
Results of these studies indicate that feeding diets containing high levels of milk products (lactose) or cellulose reduces urease activity and net ammonia production in the rat intestine, and thus may be beneficial for improving animal and human health. Expand
Role of protein synthesis in amino acid catabolism.
A direct effect of protein synthesis on amino acidCatabolism can be shown by a marked increase in amino acid catabolism when protein synthesis is inhibited, and by increased oxidation of an indispensable amino acid when another amino acid limits protein synthesis. Expand
Effects of various dietary levels of dried whey on the performance of growing pigs.
The results of the three experiments suggest that the growing pig can tolerate up to 30% lactose in the diet without any symptoms of lactose intolerance, and that continuous exposure to lactoseIn the diet is not necessary to maintain tolerance to this level of lactOSE. Expand
Rates of oxidation of the methionine and S-adenosylmethionine methyl carbons in isolated rat hepatocytes.
It is suggested that AdoMet is formed from a mixture of extracellular and intracellular Met, which is metabolized via activation to S-adenosylmethionine and subsequent transmethylation and also by a transamination-decarboxylation route. Expand
Effects of diets containing dried whey on the lactase activity of the small intestinal mucosa and the contents of the small intestine and cecum of the pig.
Dietary lactose tended to increase the lactase activity in the contents of the cecum and small intestine, but the increases were not always statistically significant. Expand
Effects of a diet containing 40% dried whey on the performance and lactase activities in the small intestine and cecum of Hampshire and Chester White pigs.
Two 21-day feeding trials were conducted using either 24 Hampshire (H) or 24 Chester White (CW) pigs at approximately 5 months of age to evaluate the effects of a diet containing 40% dried whey onExpand