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Soil microarthropods and macrofauna in monsoon tropical forests of Cat Tien and Bi Dup-Nui Ba National Parks, southern Vietnam
The abundance, biomass, vertical distribution, and taxonomic composition of soil invertebrates (springtails, macrofauna, and termites) were studied in forest formations differing in edaphic andExpand
Termites (Isoptera) in forest ecosystems of Cat Tien National Park (Southern Vietnam)
The species composition, abundance and colony sizes of terrestrial termites were studied in five forest habitats of Cat Tien National Park, Southern Vietnam and four species dominating in the studied habitats belong to active litter decomposers. Expand
Agglutinated abyssal foraminifers of the equatorial pacific
The quantitative study of the distribution and taxonomic composition of recent living and dead (without plasma) benthic foraminifers revealed three foraminiferal assemblages in the bottom sedimentsExpand
Foraminifers in late Pleistocene-Holocene sediments of the Deryugin Basin of the Sea of Okhotsk
The study of foraminifers from sediments accumulated during the last 30 ky revealed their similar distribution in the central and marginal parts of the Deryugin Basin, which implies similarExpand
Distribution Patterns of Calcareous Foraminifers in Arctic Ocean Sediments
The distribution of benthic and planktic foraminifers in Arctic Canada Basin sediments was studied quantitatively. The large number of dead tests of these foraminifers (at low productivity of livingExpand
Caste and Population Specificity of Termite Cuticule Hydrocarbons
The composition of hydrocarbons from the termites Reticulitermes lucifugus Rossi and Kalotermes flavicollis Fabr. belonging to different castes and populations was determined using GC and massExpand
Gas chromatographic and IR spectroscopic characteristics of tri- and tetramethylcyclohexenyl butenyl ketones
Infrared spectroscopic characteristics and gas chromatographic retention indices of tri- and tetramethylcyclohexenyl butenyl ketones were determined at different temperatures of analysis.Expand
The genitalia of termites (isoptera): Possibilities of using in taxonomy
An attempt has been made to use some structures of the external genitalia in the taxonomy of termites, with some genital structures (medisternite, basivalvae, parasternites, etc.) being most important for these purposes. Expand
Foraminiferal Assemblages in Sediments from Mendeleev Ridge, Arctic Ocean
Benthic and planktic foraminiferal assemblages from Mendeleev Ridge (Central Arctic Ocean) have been studied in a sediment core approximately 1 m long. Fluctuations of frequency and composition ofExpand