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Beamspace MIMO for Millimeter-Wave Communications: System Architecture, Modeling, Analysis, and Measurements
This paper presents a framework for physically-accurate computational modeling and analysis of CAP-MIMO, and reports measurement results on a DLA-based prototype for multimode line-of-sight communication. Expand
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A Frequency Selective Surface With Miniaturized Elements
We demonstrate a new class of bandpass frequency selective surface (FSS), the building block of which, unlike the traditional FSSs, makes use of resonant dipole and slot structures that haveExpand
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MRI-Derived 3-D-Printed Breast Phantom for Microwave Breast Imaging Validation
We propose a 3-D-printed breast phantom for use in preclinical experimental microwave imaging studies. The phantom is derived from an MRI of a human subject; thus, it is anthropomorphic, and itsExpand
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A wide-band slot antenna design employing a fictitious short circuit concept
A wide-band slot antenna element is proposed as a building block for designing single- or multi-element wide-band or dual-band slot antennas. It is shown that a properly designed, off-centered,Expand
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A New Technique for Design of Low-Profile, Second-Order, Bandpass Frequency Selective Surfaces
In this study, a new method for designing low profile frequency selective surfaces (FSS) with second-order bandpass responses is presented. The FSSs designed using this technique utilize non-resonantExpand
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A Generalized Method for Synthesizing Low-Profile, Band-Pass Frequency Selective Surfaces With Non-Resonant Constituting Elements
We present a comprehensive synthesis procedure for designing low-profile, band-pass frequency selective surfaces composed of non-resonant constituting elements. The proposed FSSs use arrays ofExpand
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A Second-Order Dual X-/Ka-Band Frequency Selective Surface
  • M. Salehi, N. Behdad
  • Materials Science
  • IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters
  • 8 December 2008
In this letter, a new technique for designing dual-band frequency selective surfaces with arbitrary bands of operation, with second-order band-pass responses at each band of operation, is presentedExpand
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An Improved Architecture for Two-Element Biomimetic Antenna Arrays
  • A. Masoumi, N. Behdad
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
  • 10 September 2013
A new architecture is presented for two-element biomimetic antenna arrays (BMAAs) that mimic the sense of directional hearing of the parasitoid fly Ormia Ochracea. Expand
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Wideband Planar Microwave Lenses Using Sub-Wavelength Spatial Phase Shifters
We present a new technique for designing low-profile planar microwave lenses. The proposed lenses consist of numerous miniature spatial phase shifters distributed over a planar surface. The topologyExpand
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Continuous aperture phased MIMO: Basic theory and applications
  • A. Sayeed, N. Behdad
  • Computer Science
  • 48th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication…
  • 1 September 2010
In this paper, we propose a new communication architecture that combines the advantages of both designs and promises very significant capacity gains, and commensurate gains in power and bandwidth efficiency, compared to the state-of-the-art. Expand
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