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Contrasted patterns of hyperdiversification in Mediterranean hotspots
Dating the Tree of Life has now become central to relating patterns of biodiversity to key processes in Earth history such as plate tectonics and climate change. Regions with a Mediterranean climateExpand
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A review of marine phylogeography in southern Africa
The southern African marine realm is located at the transition zone between the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific biomes. Its biodiversity is particularly rich and comprises faunal and floral elements fromExpand
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Molecular dating of the ‘Gondwanan’ plant family Proteaceae is only partially congruent with the timing of the break‐up of Gondwana
Aim  The flowering plant family Proteaceae is putatively of Gondwanan age, with modern and fossil lineages found on all southern continents. Here we test whether the present distribution ofExpand
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Phylogenetics of advanced snakes (Caenophidia) based on four mitochondrial genes.
Phylogenetic relationships among advanced snakes (Acrochordus + Colubroidea = Caenophidia) and the position of the genus Acrochordus relative to colubroid taxa are contentious. These concerns wereExpand
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Grasses of Southern Africa.
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Phylogeny, biogeography and classification of the snake superfamily Elapoidea: a rapid radiation in the late Eocene
The snake superfamily Elapoidea presents one of the most intransigent problems in systematics of the Caenophidia. Its monophyly is undisputed and several cohesive constituent lineages have beenExpand
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A new suprageneric classification of the Proteaceae, with an annotated checklist of genera
A new suprageneric classification of the Proteaceae is presented that takes account of available molecular systematic results, synthesised as a phylogenetic supertree. Subfamilial, tribal andExpand
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Unexpected genetic structure of mussel populations in South Africa: indigenous Perna perna and invasive Mytilus galloprovincialis
Genetic structure of sedentary marine organisms with planktonic larvae can be in- fluenced by oceanographic transport, larval behaviour and local selection. We analysed the pop- ulation geneticExpand
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Phylogeny, biogeography, and the evolution of life-history traits in Leucadendron (Proteaceae).
Leucadendron is a moderately large genus of Proteaceae almost entirely restricted to the Cape Floristic Region of southern Africa. The genus is unusual in being dioecious and sexually dimorphic. ITSExpand
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