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Local mechanical properties of the head articulation cuticle in the beetle Pachnoda marginata (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)
SUMMARY Insect exoskeleton (cuticle) has a broad range of mechanical properties depending on the function of a particular structure of the skeleton. Structure and mechanical properties of theExpand
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Composite structure of the crystalline epicuticular wax layer of the slippery zone in the pitchers of the carnivorous plant Nepenthes alata and its effect on insect attachment
SUMMARY The slippery zone situated below the peristome inside pitchers of most carnivorous plants from the genus Nepenthes is covered with a thick layer of epicuticular wax. This slippery zone isExpand
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Synthesis and biological activity of several steroidal oximes
Steroidal oximes and their derivatives are known to exhibit anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and other types of physiological activity [1, 2]. In continuation of structure–activity relationship studiesExpand
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Synthesis of Several 5α-Androstano[17,16-d]Pyrazolines from Tigogenin
New androstanopyrazolines and hydrazones were synthesized via acid-catalyzed condensation of the tigogenin transformation product 5α-pregnenolone with several hydrazines. Their structures were provedExpand
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Synthesis and Biological Activity of Steroidal Tigogenin Hydrazones and Pyrazolines
Steroidal hydrazones and pyrazolines were synthesized via condensation of a series of 5α-steroidal ketones with several hydrazines. Their cytotoxic activity against cancer cultures (A549 lung cancer,Expand
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Synthesis and Antiviral Activity of Several N-Containing 5α-STEROIDS
A study of the antiviral activity of several new hydrazones and amines and amides of 5α-steroids that were synthesized by us earlier found highly and moderately active compounds. The structures ofExpand
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Friction properties of the head articulation in the beetle Pachnoda marginata (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)
Abstract The head articulation of the beetle Pachnoda marginata is a micro-tribological system which consists of the ventral convex structure called gula and the corresponding concave surface of theExpand
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Some new derivatives of 5-aryl-, 2,5-diaryl- and 2-ethoxycarbonyl-5-aryl-indoles
Some derivatives of 5-aryl-, 2.5-diaryl-, and 2-ethoxycarbonyl-5-aryl-indoles are synthesized. Some reactions of ethyl 5-phenylindole-2-carboxylate are described. It is revealed that an -Expand
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Synthesis from Tigogenin of 17β-Amino-5α-Androstan-3β-Ol Peptide Derivatives
New peptide derivatives of 17β-amino-5α-androstan-3β-ol were synthesized. Their structures were elucidated using PMR and 13C NMR spectra and elemental analyses.
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Chemical modification of oximes with N-protected amino acids
Abstract The modification of oximes, including 5α-steroids, with N -protected amino acids, in solution phase, using benzotriazole methodology is reported.
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