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Tunnel Ionization Of Complex Atoms And Atomic Ions In Electromagnetic Field
The expressions for tunnel ionization probability of the complex atoms and atomic ions from arbitrary states in electromagnetic field are obtained. These expressions correctly describe theExpand
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Energy and angular electron spectra for the tunnel ionization of atoms by strong low-frequency radiation
The analytic expressions for the probabilities of tunnel ionization of atoms and atomic ions and for the energy and angular electron spectra in a strong low-frequency electromagnetic field areExpand
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Multiphoton Processes in Atoms
Multiphoton ionization of atoms in intense laser-light fields is gaining ground as a spectroscopic diagnostic tool. In this volume, Delone and Krainov present both their own and other theoreticalExpand
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REVIEWS OF TOPICAL PROBLEMS: Tunneling and barrier-suppression ionization of atoms and ions in a laser radiation field
Experimental and theoretical data on tunneling and barrier-suppression ionization of atoms and atomic ions in a low-frequency laser radiation field are considered. The yields of single- andExpand
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Highly-excited atoms in the electromagnetic field
A review is given of the properties of highly excited atoms placed in an electromagnetic field. The probabilities of bound-bound and bound-free transitions between quasiclassical atomic states, andExpand
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AC Stark shift of atomic energy levels
Calculated and experimental data on the AC Stark shift of atomic levels in an external, subatomic-strength variable field are considered. Theoretical predictions concerning the disturbance of atomicExpand
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Tunneling Ionization of Atoms
As we said in Chap. 1, the condition for tunneling ionization to occur is the inequality γ2 ≪ 1, where γ = ω(2E i )1/2 / F is the adiabaticity parameter. Recall that ω and F are the radiationExpand
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Dipole matrix elements in the quasi-classical approximation
The set of analytic formulae with overlapping areas of applicability, enabling approximate calculation of the dipole matrix elements between any quasi-classical states, is presented. In the CoulombExpand
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