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The peculiar extinction law of SN2014J measured with The Hubble Space Telescope
The wavelength-dependence of the extinction of Type Ia SN2014J in the nearby galaxy M82 has been measured using UV to near-IR photometry obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope, the Nordic Optical
The Rise of SN 2014J in the Nearby Galaxy M82
We report on the discovery of SN 2014J in the nearby galaxy M82. Given its proximity, it offers the best opportunity to date to study a thermonuclear supernova (SN) over a wide range of the
Substellar Mass Function of Young Open Clusters as Determined through a Statistical Approach Using Two Micron All Sky Survey and Guide Star Catalog Data
In this paper we present the mass functions in the substellar regime of three young open clusters, IC 348, σ Orionis, and Pleiades, as derived using the data from the Two Micron All Sky Survey
The enigmatic outburst of V445 Puppis - A possible helium nova?
JHK spectroscopic and photometric observations are reported for the enigmatic, nova-like, variable V445 Puppis which erupted at the end of 2000. The near-IR spectra are hydrogen-deficient and
VLTI monitoring of the dust formation event of the Nova V1280 Scorpii
Context. We present the first high spatial resolution monitoring of th e dust forming nova V1280 Sco performed with the Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI). Aims. These observations aim at
An Evolved Disk Surrounding the Massive Main-Sequence Star MWC 297?
We present the results of the interferometric observations of the circumstellar disk surrounding MWC 297 in the continuum at 230 GHz (1.3 mm) and in the (J = 2-1) rotational transitions of 12CO,13CO,
The expanding fireball of Nova Delphini 2013
Near-infrared interferometric measurements of the angular size of Nova Delphini 2013 are reported, suggesting a prolate or bipolar structure that develops as early as the second day of the explosion, and a geometric distance to the nova of 4.54 ± 0.59 kiloparsecs from the Sun.
A Near-Infrared Shock Wave in the 2006 Outburst of Recurrent Nova RS Ophiuchi
Near-infrared spectra are presented for the recent 2006 outburst of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi.We report the rare detection of an infrared shock wave as the nova ejecta plows into the preexisting
Near-IR Studies of Recurrent Nova V745 Scorpii during its 2014 Outburst
The recurrent nova V745 Scorpii underwent its third known outburst on 2014 February 6. Infrared monitoring of the eruption on an almost daily basis, starting from 1.3?days after discovery, shows the
Near-infrared studies of V1280 Sco (Nova Scorpii 2007)
We present spectroscopic and photometric results of Nova V1280 Sco which was discovered in outburst in early 2007 February. The large number of spectra obtained of the object leads to one of the most