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Fermi surface of the Weyl type-II metallic candidate WP 2
Weyl type-II fermions are massless quasiparticles that obey the Weyl equation and which are predicted to occur at the boundary between electron- and hole-pockets in certain semi-metals, i.e. theExpand
Bulk Fermi surface of the Weyl type-II semimetallic candidate NbIrTe 4
The electronic structure of WTe${}_{2}$ and of orthorhombic $\ensuremath{\gamma}$-MoTe${}_{2}$ are theoretically claimed to contain pairs of Weyl type-II points associated with linearly touchingExpand
Bulk Fermi Surfaces of the Dirac Type-II Semimetallic Candidates MAl_{3} (Where M=V, Nb, and Ta).
dHvA supports the existence of tilted Dirac cones with Dirac type-II nodes located at 100, 230 and 250 meV above the Fermi level ϵ_{F} for VAl, NbAl_{3} and TaAl_{ 3} respectively, in agreement with the prediction of broken Lorentz invariance in these compounds. Expand
Biosynthesis of the nargenicin A1 pyrrole moiety from Nocardia sp. CS682
The evidences are presented that the pyrrole moiety of nargenicin A1 was also derived from l-proline by the coordinated action of three proteins, NgnN4 (proline adenyltransferase),NgnN5 (Proline carrier protein), and Ngn ngnN3 (flavine-dependent acyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenases). Expand
Detailed study of the Fermi surfaces of the type-II Dirac semimetallic candidates X Te 2 ( X =Pd, Pt)
We present a detailed quantum oscillatory study on the Dirac type-II semimetallic candidates PdTe2 and PtTe2 via the temperature and the angular dependence of the de Haas-van Alphen (dHvA) andExpand
Importance of electron correlations in understanding the photo-electron spectroscopy and the Weyl character of MoTe 2
We study the role of electron correlations in the presumed type-II Weyl semimetallic candidate $\ensuremath{\gamma}\text{\ensuremath{-}}{\mathrm{MoTe}}_{2}$ by employing density functional theoryExpand
Converting topological insulators into topological metals within the tetradymite family
We report the electronic band structures and concomitant Fermi surfaces for a family of exfoliable tetradymite compounds with the formula $T_2$$Ch_2$$Pn$, obtained as a modification to the well-knownExpand
Multiple Dirac nodes and symmetry protected Dirac nodal line in orthorhombic α -RhSi
Owing to their chiral cubic structure, exotic multifold topological excitations have been predicted and recently observed in transition metal silicides like $\beta$-RhSi. Herein, we report that theExpand
Draft Genome Sequence of Nonomuraea sp. Strain C10, a Producer of Brartemicin, Isolated from a Mud Dauber Wasp Nest in Nepal
Nonomuraea sp. strain C10 produces the cytotoxic natural product brartemicin. Here, we report its draft genome sequence to get insight into brartemicin biosynthesis and to enable genome mining forExpand