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Distribution and characteristics of mixed (transitional) mid-Permian (Late Artinskian—Ufimian) marine faunas in Asia and their palaeogeographical implications
Abstract The Permian marine biogeography of the Asian region is characterised by the development of three broad realms (Boreal, Tethyan and Gondwanan). In the early Early Permian (Asselian to EarlyExpand
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Permian marine invertebrate provinces of the Gondwanan Realm
A review of described species and illustrated reports of Permian chonetidine brachiopods and an analysis of generic and species distribution permits the identification of five faunal provinces withinExpand
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Permian marine biogeography of SE Asia
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Permian brachiopods from the SelongXishan section, Xizang (Tibet), China Part 1: Stratigraphy, Strophomenida, Productida and Rhynchonellida
Abstract A brachiopod fauna containing some 42 brachiopod species of 30 identified genera and 2 unidentifiable genera is recorded from the Selong Group of the Selong Xishan section in southern XizangExpand
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Permian Gondwanan correlations: the significance of the western Australian marine Permian
Abstract The Permian Subcommission of the International Commission on Stratigraphy (International Union of Geological Sciences-IUGS) has approved the names and several of the boundary levels forExpand
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Unique marine Permian‐Triassic boundary section from Western Australia
A unique marine Permian‐Triassic boundary section containing rich oil source rocks has been continuously cored in a petroleum borehole from the Perth Basin of Western Australia. Such sequences, whichExpand
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The Gondwanan Carboniferous-Permian Boundary Revisited: New Data from Australia and Argentina
Abstract The identification and correlation of the Carboniferous-Permian (Gzhelian-Asselian) boundary within the sedimentary sequences of Gondwana has always been a topic of debate. Type latestExpand
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