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Environmental influences on benthic fauna associations of the Kara Sea (Arctic Russia)
Macrobenthic faunal associations, hydrography and sediment structure were examined at 14 stations in the Kara Sea and the sedimentation rate apparently influenced the main differences in the fauna.
Distribution of benthic megafauna in the Barents Sea: baseline for an ecosystem approach to management
Benthos plays a significant role as substrate, refuge from predation and food for a wide variety of fish and invertebrates of all life stages and should thereforebe considered in the
Establishment and ecosystem effects of the alien invasive red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) in the Barents Sea–a review
Characteristics of the Barents Sea and the crab itself that may explain its success include suitable habitat for settlement and growth of the larvae; the wide range of habitats occupied throughout its life history, high mobility, generalist prey choice, low fishing pressure during establishment, and the lack of parasites.
Macrobenthic fauna of the Franz Josef Land archipelago
Benthic fauna of the deeper waters of the Franz Josef Land archipelago sampled in August 1992 using standard western techniques is described and compared with earlier Russian studies, which collected larger organisms most effectively whereas the present work recorded the smaller taxa more efficiently.
Some features of the quantitative distribution of sipunculan worms (Sipuncula) in the central and southern Barents Sea
The investigations show that the most commonly encountered sipunculan species are Nephasoma diaphanes diaphane , N. abyssorum abyssorum and Phascolion strom bus strombus .
Fucoidans as a platform for new anticoagulant drugs discovery
Recent results on the influence of fucoidan structure on blood coagulation are summarized and there is expectation that systematic structural and biochemical studies offucoidans will form a basis for the development of new drugs.
An annotated checklist of the echinoderms of the Svalbard and Franz Josef Land archipelagos and adjacent waters
An annotated checklist is presented of echinoderm taxa recorded from around the Svalbard and Franz Josef Land archipelagos and adjacent area of the continental slope, to depths up to 3000 m. In
First record of the sea star Porania pulvillus (O.F. Müller, 1776) in Russian part of the Arctic
The paper presents information about the first record of the sea star, Porania pulvillus (Poraniidae family), in the Barents Sea. The data on the location, date of the finding, depth at this
Distribution and variation of the amphipod fauna (Crustacea, Amphipoda) in the Kola Section (Barents Sea)
The purpose of this study was to analyze the variability of the faunas of specific inverr tebrate taxonomic groups characterized by similar feaa tures of development in the Kola Section and its effect on the oceanological factors.