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Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating of quartzite cobbles from the Tapada do Montinho archaeological site (east‐central Portugal)
The burial age of an alluvially deposited cobble pavement at the Tapada do Montinho archaeological site (east-central Portugal) is investigated using optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating.Expand
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Intercalibration of the barrel electromagnetic calorimeter of the CMS experiment at start-up
Calibration of the relative response of the individual channels of the barrel electromagnetic calorimeter of the CMS detector was accomplished, before installation, with cosmic ray muons and testExpand
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Dietary Fiber and Health
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Performance studies in micropipette calibration
The measurement of small amounts of liquids is very important in fields like, health, chemistry, microbiology and genetics. The most common used instruments for delivery of liquids, in the order ofExpand
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Assessment of drug delivery devices
Abstract For critical drug delivery, it is important to have a constant and well-known infusion rate delivered by the complete infusion set-up (pump, tubing, and accessories). Therefore, various drugExpand
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Primary standards for measuring flow rates from 100 nl/min to 1 ml/min – gravimetric principle
Abstract Microflow and nanoflow rate calibrations are important in several applications such as liquid chromatography, (scaled-down) process technology, and special health-care applications. However,Expand
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National comparison on verification of fuel dispensers
In order to check the agreement of results and procedures in the field of verification of fuel dispensers by the verification bodies designated by the Portuguese Institute for Quality (IPQ), aExpand
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Calibration of infusion pumps using liquids whose physical properties differ from those of water
Infusion medical devices are used in field applications, namely in clinical environments, here are used several types of liquids, according to the therapeutic to be administrated into the patient. InExpand
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A Study of Factors that Influence Micropipette Calibrations
Abstract: The gravimetric method is normally used in the calibration of micropipettes, based on ISO 8655 and ISO 4787. In order to verify the influence of specific experimental details of theExpand
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