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The evolution of kinship terminologies
Abstract Kinship terminologies lend themselves better than most lexical domains to the analysis of semantic structure, but the problem is complicated by the links between terminology and other socialExpand
Early Austronesian Social Organization: The Evidence of Language [and Comments and Reply]
Published views on early Austronesian social organization can be characterized broadly as representing one of two mutually irreconcilable positions: one that recognizes descent groups and anotherExpand
Early Irish and Welsh kinship
Individualism and Equality [and Comments and Replies]
This paper examines, at the level of values, the relationship between individualism and equality. It has been widely held, since the time of Tocqueville, that, whereas traditional societies emphasizeExpand
Manual of ethnography
"In the wake of considerable recent biographical attention to Marcel Mauss in English-language publications, it is fitting that works by him still available only in French appear in translation. TheExpand
Categories and Classifications: Maussian Reflections on the Social
Preface and Acknowledgements Abbreviations and Conventions Used in Notes Introduction Chapter 1. Preliminary Remarks Difficulties of Ethnographic Investigation Principles of Observation Chapter 2.Expand