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Early Austronesian Social Organization: The Evidence of Language [and Comments and Reply]
It is suggested that Murdock's system of probable transitions between types of social structure is erroneous either in principle or in application to the particular case of Austronesian and that descent groups have been lost within the past two to three millennia over a generally continous area in western Indonesia and the Philippines.
Tetradic Theory and the Origin of Human Kinship Systems
  • N. Allen
  • Sociology
    Émergence et évolution de la parenté
  • 30 March 2009
Manual of ethnography
"In the wake of considerable recent biographical attention to Marcel Mauss in English-language publications, it is fitting that works by him still available only in French appear in translation. The
Individualism and Equality [and Comments and Replies]
This paper examines, at the level of values, the relationship between individualism and equality. It has been widely held, since the time of Tocqueville, that, whereas traditional societies emphasize