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Characterisation of a navelbine-resistant bladder carcinoma cell line cross-resistant to taxoids.
It is suggested that the mechanism of resistance of J82-NVB cells involves recovery from the inhibition of microtubule dynamics induced by drug treatment, which is not a classical MDR phenotype. Expand
Study of the secondary structure of proteins in aqueous solutions by attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared spectrometry
Abstract An approach to the determination of secondary structure content in proteins in aqueous solutions based on attenuated total reflection (ATR) Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrometry isExpand
Molecular interaction of tubulin with 1-deaza-7,8-dihydropteridines: a comparative study of enantiomers NSC 613862 (S) and NSC 613863 (R) by Raman and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.
Pre-resonance Raman spectroscopy has been applied to compare the vibrational modes of the R and S chiral isomers of 1-deaza-7,8-dihydropteridine when they are bound to tubulin, suggesting that R andS isomers differ in terms of their orientation in front of the binding locus of tubulin. Expand
Confocal fluorescence microscopy of living cells
We present here the study of intracellular distribution of doxorubicin in the single living cell by scanning confocal fluorescence microscopy, with argon laser excitation and photon countingExpand
[Characterization of the mechanism of cross-resistance to vinca alkaloids and taxoids in the human J82 bladder tumor cell line].
This study suggests that J82-NVB cell resistance mechanism involves alterations of micro Tubule dynamics, allowing recovery of microtubules functions after treatment. Expand
An FT-IR Approach to Investigate Changes induced in Navelbine-Treated Cells
FT-IR spectroscopy has been applied to monitor molecular structural changes induced by navelbine in the resistant J82-NVB cell line. Two different sampling methods have been used: cell smears (Le GalExpand
Colchicine: is a medicinal compound extracte from Colchicum autumnale plant flowers. It is used to treat gout, Behçet's disease, Mediterranean fever, psoriasis, cancer, and colitis. It has sideExpand
Secondary Structure Changes of Tubulin Induced by Navelbine as Studied by FT-IR
Navelbine, is an antitumoral vincaalkaloid that is known to depolymerize the microtubules network (Binet et al., 1989). FT-IR spectroscopy has been applied to the evaluation of the changes of theExpand