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An Ordinary Country: Issues in the Transition from Apartheid to Democracy in South Africa
Disputing the notion of a 'miracle' transition in South Africa, the author argues that the new South Africa had to happen as it did because of the socio-historical make-up of the country and theExpand
English Unassailable but Unattainable: The Dilemma of Language Policy in South African Education.
This paper considers the concept of English as a global language in the context of South African educational policy. The paper first notes that the richer a country is the more possible it is for theExpand
Affirmative action and the perpetuation of racial identities in post-apartheid South Africa
Introductory remarks Building a nation or promoting national unity, which is one of the historic objectives of post-apartheid South Africa as we set out to give shape to the new historical communityExpand
The politics of language planning in post-apartheid South Africa
There is no politically neutral theory of language planning, in spite of the fact that the power elites tend only to examine language policy under conditions of crisis. In South Africa, languageExpand
The role of African universities in the intellectualisation of African languages
Neo-colonial language policies deriving from decolonisation have entrenched not merely the dominance but, fatefully, the hegemony of the languages of the European colonial powers, especially that ofExpand
Encyclopedia of language and education
Language Policy and Political Issues in Education - Literacy -Discourse and Education - Second and Foreign Language Education - Bilingual Education - Knowledge about Language - Language Testing andExpand