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Rare or remarkable microfungi from Oaxaca (south Mexico)--Part II.
Some of the microfungi identified in this study have been rarely observed before or have been reported for the first time in Mexico, for example: Pestalotia acaciae Thüm. Expand
Microfungi on Rosaceae in eastern Westphalia (Sauerland, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany).
Microfungi occuring on Rosaceae in the Sauerland were examined and Discosia potentillae Lib. Expand
New remarkable records of microfungi from Sardinia (Italy).
The collected microfungi were parasitic or saprophytic; Basidiomycotina (Uredinales), Ascomycotina and Deuteromycotinas (Hyphomycetes, CoelomyCetes) were predominant. Expand
New and remarkable records of microfungi from Turkey.
During a botanical excursion of the University of Essen in the year 2002 to North-, Central- and South-Anatolia we have collected representatives of about 100 genera of microfungi as parasites orExpand
New, rare or remarkable microfungi in the Italian Alps (Carnic Alps)--part I--ascomycotina.
During our observations in the SE part of the Carnic Alps in the year 2003 we were able to collect and identify 35 ascomycetes on trees and dead wood. Among these one can find numerous ascomycetes ofExpand