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Cardiovascular responses to repetitive McKenzie lumbar spine exercises.
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Repetitive exercises of the type recommended by McKenzie for the lumbar spine, such as flexion and extension exercises in standing (FIS and EIS) and lying positions (FIL andExpand
Fatigue Susceptibility of the Lumbar Extensor Muscles among Smokers
Summary Background and Purpose Cigarette smoking is associated with poor physical fitness and muscle strength. These conditions are related to the development of mechanical low back pain. TheExpand
Benchmarking the health of health sciences students at Kuwait University: towards a culture of health.
Health professional entry-to-practice programmes are intense, competitive and prolonged. The aims of this study were to benchmark the health of health sciences students at Kuwait University, therebyExpand
Importance Attributed to Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Competencies by Public Sector Physical Therapists in Kuwait: A Population-based Exploratory Study.
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Indications for cardiovascular and pulmonary (CVP) physical therapy competencies are changing with the epidemic of non-communicable diseases in Kuwait, particularlyExpand