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Theory of linear operators in Hilbert space
linear operators in hilbert spaces | springerlink abstract. we recall some fundamental notions of the theory of linear operators in hilbert spaces which are required for a rigorous formulation of the
Elements of the theory of elliptic functions
General theorems about elliptic functions Modular functions The Weierstrass functions Theta functions The Jacobi functions Transformation of elliptic functions Additional facts about elliptic
Lectures on integral transforms
Averaging operators and the Bochner theorem The Fourier transform in $L^1$ The inversion theorem in $L^1$. The Poisson integral Harmonic functions. The Dirichlet problem for a ball and a half-space
The Calculus of Variations
The Calculus of Variations is a branch of Mathematics dealing with optimization of functionals. The variational problem goes back to the antiquity. The first solution seems to have been that of queen
On Separately Analytic Functions of Several Variables and Theorems on
CONTENTS Introduction § 1. Holomorphic continuation of functions from a product of two neighbourhoods § 2. Holomorphic continuation of functions from a product of real axes § 3. The connection
On a minimum problem in function theory and the number of roots of an algebraic equation inside the unit disc
The problem of finding the least value of max|f(z)|: |z| = 1} is considered in some classes K p of functions which are analytic in the closed unit disc apart from at most p interior poles and satisfy