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Proteomic analysis of a eukaryotic cilium
Cilia and flagella are widespread cell organelles that have been highly conserved throughout evolution and play important roles in motility, sensory perception, and the life cycles of eukaryotesExpand
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Radial spoke proteins of Chlamydomonas flagella
The radial spoke is a ubiquitous component of `9+2' cilia and flagella, and plays an essential role in the control of dynein arm activity by relaying signals from the central pair of microtubules toExpand
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Positive and Negative Regulation of Poly(A) Nuclease
ABSTRACT PAN, a yeast poly(A) nuclease, plays an important nuclear role in the posttranscriptional maturation of mRNA poly(A) tails. The activity of this enzyme is dependent on its Pan2p and Pan3pExpand
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Identification of predicted human outer dynein arm genes: candidates for primary ciliary dyskinesia genes
Background: Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) is a severe inherited disorder characterised by chronic respiratory disease, male infertility, and, in ∼50% of affected individuals, a left-rightExpand
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